friendship-persahabatanDo you have a bestfriend? Yeah, everybody have  bestfriend to share so many problems which they face in their life. They don’t care what will you share between good or bad thing, bestfriend will always be there for you and have the special space in their heart for you.

I always remember what my besfriend wrote in my book, “You will always have my shoulder when you cry”. She wrote with other sentences romantically when we had passed our National Examination. I love her so much and I always spend my free time to get gether her. We share our problems, we solve our problems, we respect one another, and we feel like just have a new sister in our friendship.

What do you think when you don’t have someone to share your problems?

Do you ever feel like what I’ve said?

I guess you never, I can’t imagine what a exessive stress you are when nobody close to you. When you have a close friend, she/he will never ask some present to you. But she /he need your attention and patient to understand you. Sometimes a close friend also need a listener with a good or bad story that they want to talk.

My Father said to me that I have to get friend as many as possible because friend is very important to accompany us in our daily life. Not just look for, besides I have to get close with some friends, I have to be good girl, good samaritan, gregarious and many things which useful for them also. And now, I have many bestfriend in my life since I was junior high school and I keep it well.

Give your bestfriend astonishment and attention to be closer. Although you are far from your bestfriend it does not mean that you forget her/him, aren’t you ? Yeah, you can still communicate with phone, internet, letter and etc. So, make your own friendship world in your life :).

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